Fidget Ring

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Forget the Fidget Cube or Fidget Spinner, your boss will never know when you are wearing the Fidget Ring! With two movable gears embedded in the band, fidgeting could never be done so discreetly! To the untrained eye the Fidget Ring simply looks like a finely-crafted three-tone ring.

Metal Type: Stainless Steel (316L - Marine Grade)
Width: 8mm
Weight: 10g

//***** SPECIAL *****//

As of July 11, 2017: we have 43 units in stock and are offering them at an astounding 50% OFF discount. Once this inventory has happily been purchased and fidgeted, we will raise the rate to full retail! DON'T WORRY! The full retail value is still a smokin' deal for fulfilling your fidget needs!