Animal Print Full Face Mask

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The animal print full face mask not only will keep your face warm and protect it from the suns harmful UV rays but also makes a fierce statement! With Polar-Dry 360-degree venting technology and UV proof polar-shade, the animal print full face mask will keep you warm and comfortable while protecting your face.

Uses: Snowboarding, hiking, running, cycling, boating, skiing, skateboarding, Halloween
Gender: Unisex
Material: Polyester

Dimensions: 17.7in. tall, 10.2in. wide (45cm x 26cm)

//***** SPECIAL *****//

As of June 21, 2017: we have 67 units in stock and are offering them at a 33% OFF discount. Once this inventory has happily been purchased, we will raise the rate to full retail! DON'T WORRY! The full retail value is still a smokin' deal for fulfilling your inner animal!